Actual Virtual Desktops

Actual Virtual Desktops 8.14

Program to create and customize multiple desktops, as in Linux
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Actual Virtual Desktops allows extending the range of Windows desktop by creating multiple ones. This way the users are capable of having many programs running simultaneously without having to crowd everything on a single desktop.
With easy access, users can setup and switch between desktops having unlimited workspaces since the number of virtual desktops is not limited. All desktops can be customized and can be saved so the users can access them at any time and don’t have to create them every time.
Actual Virtual Desktops makes possible to have all the programs maximized. It enables Windows to work as if all running applications were on the same desktop. So if one program depends on another one for accomplishing a task which is on a different desktop, the communication will be no different as if they all were on the same desktop.
Furthermore, the customization level is so advanced that it allows setting up different backgrounds and naming each and every desktop differently.
New important features include the ability to add custom hotkeys for certain actions. Also users can toggle Actual Virtual Desktops or restore default configuration by using a hotkey.

Max Santillana
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  • Customize every virtual desktop
  • Unlimited desktops
  • Express switch
  • Custom desktop names
  • Custom hotkeys
  • Save every desktop


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